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一、单词拼写 (根据语境写出单词的正确形式,共30小题,每空1分,共计30

1. In a word, the 90s generation are facing more _________(挑战) as well as opportunities than other generations.

2. Waste water from people’s daily life and agricultural _________(化学制品) also lead to the pollution of the river.

3. Personally, the best _________(选择) is a good major at a good university. If we can’t obtain both, the first thing to consider is a good major.

4. A heated discussion was held about whether it is necessary to start learning English from _________(童年) in Class 3.

5. Family plays a significant role in shaping children’s _________(性格).

6. In my opinion, it is wrong of us students to consume blindly, such as following the fashion, pursuing famous _________(品牌/牌子) of clothes.

7. We Chinese are launching a _________(运动) to build a harmonious society as well.

8. For the past few years, a great number of banks have opened_________(分支机构)in Shanghai, the biggest financial centre in China.

9. Computers can help people in different ways. For example, computers help scientists in analyzing data and doing complex _________(计算).

10. Doctors warn that angry feelings can lead to heart disease, stomach problems, headaches, emotional problems and possibly _________(癌症).

11. Different people have different views about whether it is wise to pay kids with _________(现金)for doing housework.

12. Please read the _________(目录)from cover to cover before you decide which model to purchase.

13. It is generally thought that the global warming may one day give rise to an environmental _________(大灾难).  

14. The president from the headquarters of Guinness World Records in Britain awarded them _________(证书).

15. Liu Xiang, who was also born in Shanghai but three years younger than Yao Ming, is a world _________(冠军) in the 110-metre hurdles.

16. Here I’d like to introduce to you the TV program “Learning Chinese” on CCTV 9, which is an international  _________(频道) 

17. The local government was taking emergency measures to rectify (整顿) the state of  _________(混乱).

18. The last  _________(章节) was deleted from the book for a variety of reasons.

19. As is apparently shown in the  _________(图表)above, many middle school students have problems both physically and mentally.

20. In Arab countries, people usually kiss each other on the  _________(面颊)when they meet.

21. we Chinese take it for granted that  _________(筷子)are the tools for eating noodles.

22. Jane paused in front of the ___________(柜台) where some attractive ties were on display.

23. It was his __________(勇气) but not his skill that helped him win the ___________(比赛).

24. Having confirmed that his mother was in good ___________(状况), he walked out of her bedroom quietly.

25. Consequently, they drew a ___________(结论) that they should combine the two classes into  one.

26. Thomas Edison, the well-known creator,  had made great___________ (贡献)to our life.

27. Good ___________(交流) is needed if the two parties want to reach consensus.

28. We can know from the chart that the commercial bank is more willing to lend money to honest ___________(顾客).

29. The old___________(夫妇) would visit their cousins in the countryside every year when Christmas was around the corner.

30. The ___________(气候) in Beijing is different from that in Guangdong.


1. _________(confront) with these difficulties, what you need is something like strength or _________(brave).

2. When it was my turn to perform, I walked to the piano as _________(calm) as possible, sat down, took a deep _________(breathe) and played the first part.

3. To be brief, no matter who you are and _________ you are doing, you should have your dreams and hold on to _________ because they give you chances _________(taste) success.

4. Being able to store and process _________ large amount of information, the computer brings _________ great convenience and high efficiency to people.

5. Besides, studying abroad can not only _________(broad) their horizons but also _________(deep) their understanding of the culture and customs in that country.

6. My finger got badly _________(burn), now it becomes _________(swell).

7. I almost buried myself _________ books every day, _________(go) over every required subject and doing a lot of exercises.

8. They _________(emphasis) that they have been kept busy _________ their study and have no time to spare for the outdoor activities.

9. We _________(tell) that our rooms hadn’t been reserved for that week, _________ for the week after.

10. At last, he had no choice but _________(admit) his mistake.

11. _________(base) on my personal experience, we are able to achieve success _________ means of working hard.

12. In some cases, what comes easy for you is perhaps _________(challenge) for others.

13. _________ is certain that the computer has deeply changed our lives and our _________(social).

14. _________ is advisable to keep a little food in reserve in case _________ emergency.

15. How do you wish to pay your bill, sir, _________ cash or by credit card?

16. Nobody can _________(casual) succeed, it comes from the thorough self-control and the will.

17. The Chinese community here are shooting off fireworks _________ celebration of the Chinese New Year.

18. Recently _________ survey has been done to find out the cause _________ obesity among high school students.

19. Doctors are understandably _________(caution) about this new treatment.

20.As a teacheryou should always be patient ______your students.

21.My visit to Xi’an last year left an unforgettable impression ______ me and I’m going there next year.

22.I still remember three years ago when I was admitted ______this school.

23.To avoid _________(see) by the teacherTom got into the classroom from the back door quietly.

24.I greatly appreciate your _________(bring) me so much enjoyment.

25.He is such a great man that all of us show our respect _________ him.

26..If you’re serious ________becoming a successyou must work hard.

27..The teacher who is strict_______ her students is also strict _______her work.

28..__________(strict) speakingyour opinion isn’t the same with mine.

29.Your answer is ________(complete) wrong. If you don’t understand this question

30.As soon as I had made the final decisionI felt a lot more __________(relax).

三、短语句型 请根据汉语提示完成下列英文句子30小题,每小题1分,满分30分。

1. I am greatly assured that the grand lantern festival parade will ______________(一定) impress you.

2. As a student, you are supposed to ______________(摆脱/放弃) the bad habits of smoking and drinking.

3. The global financial crisis ______________(爆发) in 2008, which caused serious economic slide and increased job loss.

4. It is reported that scientists ______________(已经取得了重大突破) in the treatment of the disease.

5. As a senior 3 student, the great pressure from study made me nearly ______________(喘不过气来).

6. ______________(简而言之), with willingness to share our opinions, we can skillfully handle the relationship with parents.

7. The way ______________(我们被抚养长大), and our cultural background, will very much influence how we feel about expressing anger.

8. The more she thought, the worse she felt, until finally she ______________(突然哭起来).

9. I would rather fail in the examination than attempt to get high marks ______________(通过作弊的手段).

10. These are my private affairs; they are ______________(不管你的事).

11. I think society ______________(需要) heroes. Fighting against crimes is not just the job of the police. It is the duty of every citizen.

12. When you are nervous in an examination, it is a good choice to ______________(深呼吸) and ______________(镇定下来), and then carry on with the paper.

13. With the work done, the students ______________(竖起) several boards to remind the visitors to ______________(照料) the flowers and trees.

14. Recently we have ______________(进行了) a survey — “To whom do you go when in trouble?” The results are ______________(如下).

15.The little girl ______________(几乎被噎死) on a fish bone, but luckily she was saved in time by a doctor.

16. As a proverb goes, ______________(说话要谨慎) and be careful with behavior.

17. As we all know, she is a stubborn girl, so I probably won’t have any chance to ______________(改变她的主意).

18. If I was ______________(主管/负责) a school, I would also be very strict with students who don’t behave well.

19. according to schedule, all the passengers must ______________(登记/报到) at the airport an hour before the plane leaves.

20. ______________(振作起来)! Victory is just round the corner.

21. Interestingly, about 20% of the students who find it difficult to ______________(做出选择) prefer to follow the advice offered by their parents.

22.__________________ he came late was________ he didn't catch the early bus.


23.I'm ___________________ the day when Tai Wan returns to China.


24.He sat by the fire, _________________.他坐在火旁,读着一本小说。

25.My dream ________________ at last.我的梦想最终实现了。

26.____________________________ we meet again.久之后我们就会再次见面的。

27.The English play ___________my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success.


28. I worked in a business where almost everyone is ________________________________.


29. He kept looking at her,____________ whether he had seen her somewhere.他一直看着她,想知道他是否在某个地方见过她。

30.____________________for Beijing that the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.2008年奥运会将在北京举行对北京来说是一个很大的荣誉。



I am writing ___________________ regarding a play we adapted according to the textbook. 


We’d like to _________________ by adapting the classic novel The Steamboat for a short English play. 



The play _________________after midnight, on the raft down the river navigation, we see a steamboat _________________________.

4. 我们救了一个害怕的男孩。2020全国卷书面表达】



____________, we saw red ripe peaches ______________________________.


_____________________, We first picked the ones that were most beautiful in color, then those _______________________.


I couldn’t __________________________________, and the sweet juice went down my throat.


I _______________ this opportunity to _________________________.


___________________ be able to experience fruit picking, __________I could also feast on the sweetness!


___________________________________________, our school launched the 5-kilometer cross-country race, which finished successfully last Sunday.


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