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I 基础知识复习

词形变化填空(Starting out+Understanding ideas

1. Children are always_________about everything and ask many questions_______ so we should answer them patiently to meet their________. (curious)

2. Many________ came here to_______the mountain. Without doubt, its worth the__________. (explore)

3. His________lecture left me a deep_______. In other words, I was deeply_______ by his lecture. (impress)

4. Although he was______after climbing the mountain, he took a deep_______to ______the fresh air. (breath)

5. The kind-hearted_______of a social________has been________various activities in the past few months. (organize)


1. I held my______(breath), waiting to hear her description of her new company.

2. As we all know, Chinese characters are quite difficult_______(memorize).

3. My first impression was that the team didnt perform well under________. (press)

4. It is said that a lecture has been scheduled________tonight.

5. When I got home, she was arguing with her mother_________whether to study abroad.

词形变化填空(Developing ideas

1. My English level got_______ a lot and my former English teacher was very glad for my________. (improve)

2. At the_________ceremony, the confident boy was awarded the best_______, which gave him a chance to work in a big company after________from college. (graduate)

3. My son has a good_______so he can________the articles quickly. (memorize)

4. The final team_______will be made next week, and I hope to be_______for the school team. (select)

5. They_______well on the stage, and their_______was pretty impressive. (perform)


1. Calm down please. What I have said does not apply________you.

2. Ted was very particular________the colors he used.

3. He was shaking with fright as if he_________(see) a ghost.

4. After________(graduate), she went to the south and became an author there.

5. Harry is feeling uncomfortable. He must_________(drink) too much at the party last night.

6. They have figured________most carefully the time and money needed to build the stage for the dancing party.

7. I hope that you can give me an opportunity_________(be) a volunteer!

8. There is still room for_________(improve) in your work, so make a schedule and work harder.


1. Just as the famous saying goes, No pains, no_________(gain).

2. Sharing with friends helped me bring back my_________(confident) and fit in with others.

3. I really hope to see you again someday and we are looking forward to_________(hear) from you.

4. The young man struggled_________his feet to fight against the robber.

5. It was_________(frighten) to think what might happen if she failed to keep calm.

6. His_________(apply) for a member of the organization was refused, which made him disappointed.

7. I_________(impress) by her ability to deal with pressure in her daily life.

8. If I have an opportunity, Ill make full use of it to improve my academic_________ (perform).

9. We were about to go out for a walk_________it began to rain.

10. The girl_________(eager) looked forward to her father taking her to go to traveling.

11. Please work_________a practical schedule and manage your time properly.

12. I used to be_________(fright) at the sight of a test paper.

13. Little Tony was struggling with skateboarding and fell_________the board over and over again.

14. You can take down_________your feel about your new school in your journal.

15. The_________(describe) of my new university is impressive and interesting.

16. Im proud of my large collection of insects, _________(particular) butterflies of all kinds.

17. Knowing that I was_________(admit) to my dream high school, I could hardly control my excitement.


A fifth-grade in Ohio, has done something to help students in need.

Andi Musser was surprised when a friend said that she ____1____ she had some girls’ clothing to wear to school. “I never ____2____ such a wish! I went to my closet and got the clothes and shoes that don’t ____3____ me,” Andi told a local newspaper. “I gave them to her the next school day. And she was really happy, and me, too.”

Giving clothes to her friend actually ____4____ Andi. Then Kindness Closet appeared. “She realized what a ____5____ that made to her friend. ”said Jessica, Andi’s mother. “It was  ____6____ to do this for just one teenage girl. She asked, ‘Can we do this for more people?’ she took the initiative(倡议)at that ____7____.”

So, Andi ____8____ her principal(校长)with her idea to ____9____ a Kindness Closet, a place where ____10____ students can get a new coat or a ____11____ worn skirt.

“She came and told me what she wanted, I said,” Great, let’s do it, the principal said.

Then, what is the ____12____ to getting enough clothes? Andi came up with another idea and ____13____ local stores, whose help made her overjoyed.

“It’s great for Andi to see her vision ____14____” Principal Stein said. “It s what we want our kids to do — be ____15____ while helping others.”

1Asuggested Bpromised Cdreamed Dinsisted

2Aplanned Bexpected Choped Dcontacted

3Aattract Bimpress Cfit Dfollow

4Ataught Battracted Cmisled Dinspired

5Alesson Bdifference Cintention Ddecision

6Ainteresting Benough Ceasy Dtraditional

7Acase Bage Cstage Dpoint

8Aapproached Bsurveyed Cdelivered Drequired

9Acreate Bdonate Cspread Drent

10Asmart Bpopular Cneedy Dbeautiful

11Aregularly Bclearly Cslightly Dbadly

12Asolution Bquestion Cchallenge Dadventure

13Apay Bturn to Cadvise Dreply to

14Abroke up Bwork on Cend up Dcome true

15Apolite Bhappy Cfriendly Dpatient


IV. 阅读理解


Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

Nature has shaped New Zealand with the beauty of a movie set. Few places have so many natural wonders packed into such a small area. Here are the best attractions travelers can explore.

Kaikoura, South Island

Birders, wildlife and seafood enthusiasts will love the charming coasted village of Kaikoura. Between the Seaward Kaikoura Range and the Pacific Ocean, Kaikoura offers excellent coastal hikes and popular whale watching tours. In addition to whales, passengers may spot fur seals, dolphins and a wide variety of birds.

Queenstown, South Island

Queenstown is New Zealand’s adventure capital. Bungee jumping, jet boating, rock climbing, mountain biking and downhill skiing are just some of the thrilling things to do here. In addition to the adventure sports, Queenstown offers all the comforts, with first-class hotels, spas, restaurants, galleries and shops.

Bay of Islands, North Island

A three-hour drive north of Auckland, the beautiful Bay of Islands is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. There are more than 144 islands on the bay, making it a perfect place for sailing. Penguins, dolphins, and whales live in these fertile waters, and the region is a popular sport-fishing spot. The old towns in the area such as Russell, Opua and Paihia are great bases for exploring this scenic bay.

Rotorua, North Island

This is a land where the Earth speaks. Boiling mud pools, volcanic craters and steaming thermal springs reveal the forces of New Zealand’s dramatic landscapes. Visitors can take a walking tour of these geothermal wonders and bathe in the springs while visiting the interesting attractions to learn about the region’s rich Maori history and culture.

1Where can visitors experience sports with fun and risk?

AIn Kaikoura. BAt Bay of Islands.

CIn Queenstown. DIn Rotorua.

2What do we know about Bay of Islands?

AThere are several islands there.

BIt is good choice for fishing lovers.

CThere are many military bases there.

DIt belongs to South Island of New Zealand.

3What makes Rotorua special?

ACoastal hike tours.

BWhale watching.

CVarieties of wildlife.

DSpring bathing.



Every year around August, millions of teens take their parents to stores to buy new clothes for the start of the school year. Not every parent can afford this, and some teens are forced to go to school in the same clothes they wore last year. The obvious differences in clothes cause differences among students. There is a simple solution to this problem: school uniforms (校服).

I know from personal experience and surveys that wearing uniforms creates a sense of equality among peers (同龄人间的平等).

From sixth grade until I graduated from high school, I attended a school that required students to wear uniforms. The uniform was very simple: dark brown shoes, green-brown pants, and a white shirt. The uniform left little room for any kind of self-expression, especially through clothes.

However, I learned how to stand out by expressing myself through my personality, art, and sports. I did not know I could draw until the sixth grade. I also would never have learned of my musical abilities if it were not for my desire to find ways to express myself. Uniforms taught me that I was myself, except what I wore.

Uniforms also help to a much safer learning environment. I remember a particular event that happened in my junior year of high school. A man ran away from prison and wanted to hide in the gym of our school. Luckily, cameras all over the school quickly found the stranger before any danger could ever happen as he was out of place. School officials kept the man locked inside our gym until the police came to take him back to prison.

Uniforms help provide a better educational experience for all students no matter what race, culture, or economic class (经济阶层). In closing, wearing uniforms is good for both schools and students.

4How does the author introduce the topic?

ABy explaining a basic rule.

BBy challenging others’ views.

CBy sharing his parents’ experience.

DBy describing a common problem.

5Which of the following might the author agree with?

AUniforms should be more morden.

BUniforms are popular with students.

CUniforms can help shape better students.

DUniforms are bad for self-development.

6What do the underlined words “out of place” in paragraph 5 probably mean?

ARunning fast. BStanding straight.

CDressing differently. DBreathing heavily.

7What is the author’s purpose in writing the text?

ATo record his high school life.

BTo introduce high school uniforms.

CTo ask students to like what they wear.

DTo show his favorable view towards uniforms.

V 七选五根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。

It is necessary but difficult for English beginners to memorize new wordsand long lists of words seem to make the task impossible.They are puzzled why they try to memorize words with great efforts but forget them easily.That’s why there are often inquiries about how to memorize new words.__1__ Here are some tips to help.

__2__ We too often separate the process of new words memorization from pronunciation.In fact these two can be combined and each will enhance the other.Saying the word to ourselves helps activate hearing memorywhich helps the memory.__3__ The more familiar we are with the wordthe greater chance we will have to keep it for the rest of our life.

Never memorize single English words.__4__ Relate the word to terms we already knoweither as synonym(同义词) or antonym(反义词).For examplethe word “gargantuan” is similar in meaning to words “gigantic”“huge” and “large”.Make an order of wordssmallmediumlargegiganticand gargantuan”.

Create a mental image of the word that involves strong emotions.Think “The gargantuan whale is going to swallow me whole”.

Learning English words requires action.Complaining how difficult it is to memorize new words will be of little help.__5__ Have a try with ten words a day and you will see what a difference you will make in our English learning.

A.So take action right now.

B.Speak the word while memorizing it.

C.Memorizing new words is very important.

D.Actuallysome have given up learning new words.

E.In factlearning new words needn’t be that difficult.

F.Make as many associations and connections as possible.

G.The sound of word helps us recall the spelling and familiarizes us with the word.

VI 语法填空

During the summer vacation,I took part in 1. 16th Natural English Contest,in which I was listed in the top 10 and 2.      (get) valuable experience. 

I never expected 3.         (go) that far.And I had never thought about standing that high on the stage,but 4.      that moment,I set out for the long ride.All I had to do was try. 

Preparing for the contest,practicing a 3-minute speech,and overcoming stage fright (怯场),I spared no effort to take part in the competition.

One of my 5.       (teammate),my good friend in my school,gave me lots of encouragement and advice during the contest.Her ideas were new and 6.       (power) and she stayed quite calm when she was fighting against her competitors.She was like my instructor,7. showed me how to search for related materials online and how to express my own view 8.       (clear). 

Thanks to the contest and the help of 9. (I) friend,I now feel 10.      _______(relax) on stage when talking. 








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