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1[2022·全国甲卷]World Ocean Day is vital to raising awareness of ocean ________ (conserve)

2[2021·全国甲卷]According to the World Wildlife Fund, the global black rhino population has dropped as low as 5500, giving the rhinos a “critically ________ (endanger)” status.

3It is difficult to make a ________ (compare) with her previous book—they are completely different.

4________ (subsequent), they heard that he had obtained Canadian citizenship.

5His quality of life has improved ________ (dramatic) since the operation.

6By opening a novel, I can leave behind my burdens and enter into a wonderful and ________ (mystery) world where I am now a new character.

7He was very careless.________ consequence, he failed the final exam last time.

8Departing ________ her usual routine, she took the bus to work.

9The forest fire was nearly ________ of control when suddenly it rained heavily and saved the day.

10He owes his good health ________ plenty of exercise and a regular life.


on behalf ofonce and for alltake overin turncome up withbe introduced todie outout of controlfeed onturn out

1(牛津高阶)Butterflies              the flowers of garden plants.  

2(柯林斯词典)Fires were burning              in the centre of the city.

3(牛津高阶)Vegetation patterns changed when goats              the island.

4(朗文当代)To my surprise, it              that I was wrong.  

5(牛津高阶)The girls called out their names             .

6(剑桥高阶)Our intention is to destroy their offensive capability _________.

7(剑桥高阶)             the entire company, I would like to thank you for all your work.  

8(牛津高阶)She              a new idea for increasing sales.

9(柯林斯词典)She decided that I was the ideal person to _________ the job.

10(牛津高阶)The moth's habitat is being destroyed and it has nearly _________.



________________________may I wish you a very happy journey.


________________________ in the evening by myself.


Apparently, ________________________this morning's flight will be delayed.

4. The famous footballer is to arrive this afternoon. A party will be held in his honour.


The famous footballer, ________________________________is to arrive this afternoon.



Every summer artists perform at Fringe (边缘) Festivals around the world. Fringe Festivals are a celebration of strange art. They have all kinds of performers—from dancers, musicians and actors to everything in between. The shows give artists a chance to create unusual art. For festival goers, each show is a time to experience something different.

The first Fringe Festival was held in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947. That was also the year of the first Edinburgh International Festival. Artists from around the world traveled to Scotland for the Edinburgh International Festival. They performed at arts centers throughout the city. Eight local theater companies did not receive an invitation, however. In response, they performed at smaller spaces around Edinburgh. These artists performed wherever they could, including churches and even on the street. They started their own cultural event and named it the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

What started as an alternative to the mainstream has now become the world's largest arts festival. Today, there are hundreds of Fringe Festivals taking place around the world. The one in Washington, DC., called the Capital Fringe Festival, is in its tenth year. It was held in the month of July.

Julianne Brienza founded the Capital Fringe Festival. She went to a school for the performing arts, but now sees herself mainly as an organizer of the festival. Brienza believes that fringe performance art is special and can have a powerful effect.

The Capital Fringe Festival takes place in different locations throughout the DC.area. Some performances happen in traditional theaters. Others happen in unusual settings like old, empty buildings or stores after business hours are over.

Brienza says the purpose of Fringe festivals is to explore the limits of art in unique environments. Since 2006, the event has made more than $1.7 million. It is the second largest Fringe Festival in the U. S. and its popularity has grown every year. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe continues throughout the month of August.

4Who may be interested in Fringe Festivals?

AStrange art lovers.          BProfessional artists.

CClassical musicians.        DTraditional culture supporters.

5What does Paragraph 2 mainly talk about?

A. Why Edinburgh became the global art center.

B. How the first Fringe Festival came into being.

CWhen the Edinburgh International Festival was held.

DWhere the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was celebrated.

6What can we know about the Capital Fringe Festival?

AIt is the world's largest arts festival.

BIt has no fixed places for celebration.

CIt can never be accepted by the public.

DIt has a longer history than other festivals.

7Which of the following may Brienza probably agree about Fringe Festivals?

AThey raise people's love of festivals.

BThey limit the development of arts.

CFormal arts are looked down upon.

DChances are offered to unusual arts.


On January 22, 2022, the British­Belgian 19­year­old, Zara Rutherford, successfully landed her two­seat microlight aircraft back at the Kortrijk­Wevelgem Airport, from where she had departed 155 days ago, fulfilling her dream to be the youngest woman to fly around the world solo.

“I feel excited not only to break the Guinness World Record, but also to__diminish the gender gap by 11 years between the current youngest male record holder Travis Ludlow 18 at the time of his record, and the previous female record holder Shaesta Waez, who was 30 when she completed her ‘Dreams Soar’ around­the­world flight.” Rutherford wrote on her blog.

Rutherford's journey crossing five continents and 52 countries began on August 18, 2021. She encountered numerous unexpected delays along the way. They included an unscheduled stop in Redding, California, due to wildfires and a month­long stop in Nome, Alaska, to renew her Russian visa. She also faced several challenges in the air. When flying from Iceland to Greenland, Rutherford lost radio contact with her ground team for much of the 3­hour flight. The incidents also resulted in her having to cross over Russia in sub­zero temperatures. The hardest part was flying over Siberia—it was extremely cold and if the engine broke down, she'd be hours away from rescue. Despite the severe difficulties, the determined young pilot never gave up on her dream.

Rutherford grew up around airplanes. Her British father flies commercially, while her Belgian mother is a recreational pilot. The young girl began learning how to fly at age 14 and obtained her aviators (飞行员) license in 2020. With her goal of flying around the world accomplished, Rutherford now has her sights set even higher. She wants to become an astronaut and explore space.

She hopes that her journey will encourage more young women to pursue careers in aviation. Currently the number of female pilots is just 5 percent. Rutherford says, “It's an easy thing to say, but just go for it. If you don't try and see how high you can fly, then you'll never know.”

8. What does the underlined word “diminish” in Paragraph 2 probably mean?

ANarrow.     BDivide.        CFill.       DCause.

9. Why did Rutherford have to stop in Nome?

AThe wildfires were too fierce.             BHer Russian visa was due.

CThe weather was too severe.              DHer engine broke down.

10What's the purpose of Paragraph 4?

ATo switch to a new topic.                BTo summarize her achievements.

CTo illustrate her admirable talents.         DTo add some background information.

11What does the passage try to convey?

ALife is not all roses.                     BDream big, aim high.

CNot to advance is to go back.             DThe greatest talkers, the least doers.


1. Terri Bolton is a dab hand when it comes to DIY (do-it-yourself).


2. Skilled at putting up shelves and piecing together furniture, she never pays someone else to do a job she can do herself.


3. She credits these skills to her late grandfather and builder Derek Lloyd. From the age of six, Terri, now 26, accompanied Derek to work during her school holidays.


4. A day’s work was rewarded with £5 in pocket money.


5. I’m sure I wasn’t much of a help to start with, painting the rooms and putting down the flooring throughout the house. It took weeks and is was backbreaking work, but I know he was proud of my skills.”

一、1.conservation   2.endangered    3.comparison   4.subsequently


5. dramatically    6.mysterious    7.in    8.from    9.out    10.to

二、1. feed on    2.out of control    3. were introduced to   4.turned out    5.in turn

6. once and for all    7.on behalf of    8.came up with   9.take over   10.died out

三、1. On behalf of everyone here

2. Seldom do I go for a walk

3. On account of bad weather

4. In whose honour a party will be held

四       ABBD     ABDB


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