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1. The World Wide Web is composed ________ different websites, which are created by people and organizations around the world.

2Mozi, whose ________ (believe) were in some ways similar to those of Confucius, spent many years trying to find a state where people would follow his teachings.

3Being a volunteer can bring ________ the best in me by helping those in need.

4With so many excellent paintings ________ display, the exhibition has attracted a large number of visitors.

5As we approached the village, we saw new houses ________ (build)

6The ________ (combine) of a balanced diet and regular exercise is the key to enjoying good health.

7The little problems that we meet in our daily life may be ________ (inspire) for great inventions.

8The inner spirit is the only thing on earth ________ can be broken into pieces but can perfectly mend itself with time.

9In life, we are occasionally supported by the people around us, of ________ we are sometimes unaware.

10Television enables us to see things happen almost at the exact moment ________ they are happening.


be determined to, light up, lead to, rather than, at one’s fingertips, be considered as, be on display, come across, bring out, take in

1Lightning ________ the darkening skies, and within moments the plane was tossed (使摇摆) around.

2Eating too much salty food ______________ a main factor leading to health problems.

3The rainforests play an important role in the world's ecosystem because they ______________ heat instead of reflecting it back into the atmosphere.

4It was when I got back to my apartment that I first ________ my new neighbours.

5Going online to do research is natural. But all of the choices ______________ can be overwhelming (令人不知所措的) sometimes.

6Surround yourself with people who love and respect you. Choose to be with the people who _____________ the best in you.

7Luxury brands will _______________with their latest collections.

8I __________________win, but my best friend Matthew was playing badly.

9. Many developed nations are now concerned about saving nature _____________ developing or destroying it.

10Eating too much sugar can ___________health problems.


1多亏她的帮助,我才能通过考试。(thanks to)


2我决定打电话,不写信了。(rather than)









1. As a student in senior high school, the most important task is ________ (study) hard, which determines his future.

2. Amazed at how skillful they were, I was ________ (determine) to be just as good.

3. It is ________ (amaze) that the artist devotes so much time to painting.

4. The bike was a birthday present from my uncle. You can imagine how ________ (excite) I was when I saw it.

5. He made people laugh at a time when they felt ________ (depress), so they could feel more content with their lives.

6. Lost in the mountains for three days, what the three visitors were able to do was ________ (expect) the help of helicopters.

7. All the people there thought the car driver was ________ (blame) for this accident.

8. What I dislike is ________ (get) up too early.

9. The teacher's explanation of the problem was so ________ (confuse) that most of us couldn't understand.

10. As is known to all, travelling is ________ (interest), but we often feel ________ (tire) when we are back from the journey.


Here we find out more about the influences behind the successes of three very different 1. _________(art). Hofman is a Dutch artist, 2. _________large sculptures are on display all over the world. One way for him to find inspiration is 3. _________ (turn) to his children’s toys. Besides, he gets his ideas from Chinese folk tales 4. _________(pass) down through the generations. 

Chinese composer Tan Dun is famous 5. _________composing music for Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. To listen to Tan’s music is 6. _________ (experience) a mix of Chinese musical traditions and Western influences. He once said, “There 7. _________ (be) no territory in the world of music.” 

Yang Liping 8. _________ (know) as the “Peacock Princess”.The inspiration for her famous dance has come from 9. _________ time she spent in Xishuangbanna. Her dance comes from the 10. _________ (tradition) belief and aims to bring out the Dai women’s beauty. 


Music is said to be a universal language. But for Chase Burton, a deaf filmmaker, music has always been a different experience.

“When I was a kid, I used to lie on the floor above our garage so that I could feel the vibrations (震动) from my brother’s band rocking out below my body. That was one of the first times I began building a relationship with music,” said Burton.

In 2016, his ability to experience music changed completely, thanks to the California-based technology company Not Impossible Labs. It designed a vibrating suit. The suit enables deaf people to “feel” music through their skin. It can translate audio into a range of vibrating pulses that are felt at 24 points of contact. Burton has been wearing the suit for four years. “The sound drubs different parts of my body,” said Burton. “It strikes me on my ankles first. And then I start to feel the vibrations on my back and wrists.”

The creators want to extend the musical experience beyond the deaf community. In 2018, they gave out 150 vibrating suits at a rock concert where half the audience members were deaf and half could hear. From then on, the creators worked to improve the technology and wanted the suit to become a consumer product accessible to all, which would be used in live sports broadcasts or video games.

As a writer and director, Burton has been working to make the movie world more inclusive. For his latest movie he hired all-deaf staff and actors. Burton hopes that the vibrating suits will be available to his film audiences in the future. He believes that the suits can improve emotions while people are watching a movie for normal people as well as the deaf. “I see the tech as a real opportunity to help people understand that music or movies don’t always need to be enjoyed through the ears,” said Burton.

28What does the underlined word “drubs” in Paragraph 3 probably mean?

AHits.            BAffects.          CChanges.         DReflects.

29Why were normal people provided with the vibrating suit by the creators?

ATo promote sales.                     BTo enrich their experience.

CTo carry out an experiment.             DTo make people enjoy music.

30What does Burton expect of the vibrating suit in the future?

AIt will be used by his film audiences.

BIt will help improve actors’ emotions.

CIt will become the main theme in his movies.

DIt will change normal people’s attitude to the deaf.

31What is the best title for the text?

AA Deaf Filmmaker’s Musical Experiences

BThe Application of Vibrating Suits to Films

CWearable Devices for Deaf People Are Coming

DVibrating Suits Allow Deaf People to Feel Music

While professional violinists often have instruments that cost between $2000 and $10, 000, it is possible to have one that costs millions depending on how they were and who made them.    36    This can make it hard for many to access the instrument, especially for beginners and music classrooms.

However, the good news for them is that they will meet with low-cost and durable (耐用的) 3D-printed violins thanks to The Acoustical Society of America’s AVIVA Young Artists Program. The team’s inspiration roots in multiple places. Their goals were to explore the new world of sounds created by using new materials, to use the new technology of other fields, and to make music education accessible through the printing of more durable instruments.    37    The method of distribution has yet to be decided — it could involve shipping fully printed violins, sharing the 3D-printing files with makers, or a combination of both.

   38    The neck and fingerboard are printed in smooth ABS plastic to provide a comfortable grasp for the musicians, while the violin’s body is made of a plastic polymer substance, much like a typical acoustic (原声的) violin. The outcome is a violin that sounds darker and softer than traditionally built violins.    39   

“The next step is to lower the costs of production for making such instruments more widely available, especially in the field of education,” said Mary-Elizabeth Brown, director of the AVIVA Young Artists Program. Violins are not the only instruments that are produced through 3D-printing technology.    40    Effective results have been obtained from many of them.

ABesides, the AVIVA violin is less damaged than its traditional wooden cousins.

B3D-printed violins have been popular with beginners since they were invented.

CThe violin was built in two pieces using 3D printing.

DThe project is also to get violins to children that couldn’t otherwise afford them.

EIndeed, even basic violins for students often cost $1000 or more.

FMany instruments have been produced with a 3D printer before.

GMost students have to give up learning the instrument due to the high cost.



一、1. of    2. beliefs   3. out   4. on   5. being built

6. combination  7. inspirations  8. that   9. which   10. when

二、1. lit up  2. is considered as  3. take in  4. came across    5. at your fingertips 6. bring out  7. be on display 8. was determined to 9. rather than  10. lead to

三、1. Thanks to her help, I was able to pass the exam.

2. I am determined to ring rather than write a letter.

3. Im writing to request a valuable chance to be one of the host families for the British students.

4. The latest scientific development confirmed the public in the belief.

5. He ran into the bedroom, followed by a big dog, walking very slowly.

四、1. to study  2. determined  3. amazing  4. excited   5. depressed

7. to expect  7. to blame  8. getting  9. confusing  10. interesting; tired

五、1. artists  2. whose   3. turning     4. passed   5. for

6. to experience 7. is  8. has been known/is known  9. the 10. traditional

六、28A    29C    30A    31D

36E    37D    38C    39A    40F


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