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1[2022·浙江1月卷]I felt so helpless and ________ (没有安全感) because the quality of my life was affected.

2[2022·全国甲卷]I took the dogs out four times a day, and I worried that Tilly ________ (连续) climbing the stairs could reopen the wound.

3(2020·天津高考)He pulls out a special device, points it at the suspect, and ________ (转换) it on.

4(牛津高阶)Now that the problem has been identified, ________ (恰当的) action can be taken.

5(牛津高阶)They ran the story under the________ (标题) “Home at last

6(牛津高阶)He had a ________ (构想) of a world in which there would be no wars.

7[2022·北京卷]In the latest UN report on global food ________ (安全感), the number of undernourished (营养不良) people in the world has been rising, despite great advances in nutrition science.

8Her ________ (晋升) to Sales Manager took everyone in our company by surprise.

9________ (忙于) in looking after three children at home, she no longer has time to enjoy the various activities in the club.

10.((2021·全国乙卷)Annoyed by the level of ________ (分散注意力) in his open office, he said, “That's why I have a membership at the coworking space across the street—so I can focus.”


1Most people think a certain amount of stress is vital to provide ________ and give purpose to life and it is generally accepted that people are ________ by success. (motivate)

2He ________ an important position in a company, and is _______ with all kinds of activities, so his_________ brings him great fame and fortune. (occupy)

3Through ______ innovation of many years, the company has improved its product quality ________. (constant)

4Having_______ to the Internet at home is a huge step in making online education _____ to everybody. (access)

5John is very __________—if he promises to do something, he will do it, so you can__________ on him to help you when you are in trouble. (rely)

6It is __________ of you to take her illness into __________ (consider)

7He is still involved in voluntary work __________ local enterprise. The __________ proved to be a turning point in his career. (promote)

8Much money allocated to our school, all classrooms in our school are __________ with advanced teaching __________. (equip)


make full use of; on average; switch on; on reflection; to be honest; rely on; in contrast to; throw in the towel; miss out; put aside

1(牛津高阶)We only ____________ halfway through the programme.

2(牛津高阶)I ____________ you to set a good example.

3(牛津高阶)If I don't go to the party, I shall feel I'm ____________

4(中国日报)Neither side appears to be ready to ____________

5(牛津高阶)They decided to ____________ their differences.  

6(剑桥高阶)My income's rather variable, but I earn 73 a day ____________

7(牛津高阶)She decided, ____________to accept the offer.  

8(牛津高阶)The poverty of her childhood stands ________ total ____________ her life in Hollywood.  

9(牛津高阶)____________ every chance you have to speak English.  



__________________________he drove home with his wife.


East and Central China, including Shanghai and the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei and Anhui, are forecast to ___________ for the next two days.


I felt like I __________________________


I can play basketball ____________________ him.


I learned a lot about ____________________ and transform them into something new and useful.


By 1972, Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler __1__ (complete) a lifechanging journey from London to Australia, and written a booklet about a portion of it: Across Asia on the Cheap. As they sat in __2__ Italian restaurant tasting a few glasses of wine, they tried to dream up the name for __3__ (they) new publishing company.

“Once while travelling across the sky” said Tony, __4__ (repeat) the lyrics to the song Space Captain, as sung by Joe Cocker, “this lonely planet caught my eye.” The correct words were actually “lovely planet”__5__ somehow “lonely planet” stuck ... and here we are today.

Our hippyera name must never have sounded __6__ (suitable) than it does right now, if your passion for travel __7__ (contain) as you avoid mixing with others. I'm so glad we can deliver you some much­needed mental escapism with this issue: to transport you between the __8__ (place) and people we hope you'll soon be encountering in person again.

Let me finish my speech by saying thank you to my happy and __9__ (high) creative team, __10__ good humour and spirit of adventure I've so appreciated all these years.


    Every sentence we speak shows something about who we are as humans. Even people speaking the same language have distinct dialects. __1__  Whether you say “soda” or “pop” may reveal what country and what region you are from. What you call the night before Halloween may tie to your religious beliefs.

   __2__  Plants and animals that are given names in any language are generally those that are relevant to people speaking the language. The relevance comes from the way that the people have interacted with the animals and plants. In some cases, this has happened over centuries.

While we might think of language as having a fixed set of words and rules that we learn in school, in fact language is always evolving. New words emerge while others fall out of use. Pronunciation changes over time as does the meaning of words.  __3__.

Our ability to learn language develops when we are young. Sounds heard as infants, or even in the womb, set the stage for language learning later. Baby cooing is the result of babies' analysis of the languages spoken to them.  __4__  Children exposed to multiple languages early in life, and growing up multilingual, develop enhanced cognitive functions. These may include the ability to focus and ignore distractions.

Languages are as diverse as the communities that speak them. Each of the approximately 7000 world languages is a testimony to a community's unique human experience. Yet, many languages around the world are endangered. It is possible that as many as half of the world's languages could go silent by the end of this century. Why? __5__  But they boil down to social inequalities and disrespect for others.

AThe reasons are complex.

BLanguages change with time.

CThese are rooted in their history and culture.

D.What kind of slang you use may come from the habits of place you grew up in.

E.Language also shows the connections between us and our natural environment.

F. Babies are practicing the pronunciation of sounds that they need for communication.

GPeople also borrow words from languages other than their own to add to their own vocabulary.








一、1insecure 2.constantly 3.switches 4. appropriate  5. headline   6. vision 7.  security  8promotion  9..Occupied   10.distraction

二、1motivation  motivated 2occupies  occupied occupation 3constant  constantly.

4access  accessible  5reliable  rely    6considerate consideration.  7. promoting  promotion8equipped  equipment.

三、1switched on 2rely on  3missing out  4throw in the towel

5put aside   6on average   7on reflection  8in; contrast to

9Make full use of   10To be honest

四、1With everything bought      2see strong rainstorms  3had lost everything

4as well as      5how to extend the life of objects

五、1had completed 2an 3their    4repeating    5but 

6more suitable 7is contained 8places  9highly 10whose


【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文。文章主要说明了语言能够反映历史和文化,甚至是和自然界的联系。介绍了人类语言学习能力的发展过程。

1答案与解析:C 根据上文以及后文可知,后文提到了语言可以透露出你来自哪个国家和地区,说明语言可以体现文化,故C选项这些都植根于他们的历史和文化符合语境。

2答案与解析:E 根据后文可知,本段的主旨是语言体现了人与自然环境之间的关系,故E选项语言也显示了我们与自然环境之间的联系符合语境。

3答案与解析:G 根据上文可知,上文提到发音和单词的意思会随着时间推移而变化,本句为本段最后一句,应承接上文说明这些变化的其他方式,故G选项人们也会从其他语言中借用词汇来增加自己的词汇量符合语境。

4答案与解析:F 根据上文以及后文可知,后文提到了儿童的生命早期接触多种语言,即指的是婴儿时期就开始了练习,故F选项婴儿正在练习他们交流所需的发音符合语境。

5答案与解析:A 根据上文可知,本句回答上文提出的为什么语言会消失的问题:原因很复杂。故A选项原因很复杂符合语境,且与下文But they boil down to social inequalities and disrespect for others.承接自然。


Labor class, part of our school courses, is required in primary and middle schools every week. The new course arrangement stresses the importance of labor education since it strengthens students’ awareness of labor and develops their practical skills.

Now the labor course varies from cooking to cleaning and planting, of which I like planting most. Such a specific topic can always interest me because it offers me opportunities to endure hardships and get close to nature. When I’m involved in the planting process, the cycle of sowing, fertilizing and harvesting can bring me a sense of satisfaction and achievement, so I really consider it the best way to relax myself. Thanks to labor class, I’ve found my personal interest and become a well-rounded student!


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