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1The author of the article is good at using ________ (引语) to express his ideas.

2As is known to all, paper­cutting is a unique traditional Chinese ________ (民间的) art with a history of over 2,000 years.

3He provided ________ (灵感) for the works of later artists including Picasso and Monet.

4The pianist ________(作曲) his last work shortly before he died.

5So many girls are raised thinking that the world is perfect and they will grow up to be a _____(公主)

6We must encourage ________ (创新) if the company wants to remain competitive.

7As you know, anger doesn't help in 99% of situations; in ________ (对比) it usually makes things worse.

8We love such beautiful things as flowers, but beauty itself is ________ (抽象的)

9With the development of ________ (数字的) technology, sounds and videos can now be stored on a PC or on the Internet.

10________ (尽管) all our efforts, we still lost the game, which made us very disappointed.


1The World Wide Web is composed ________ different websites, which are created by people and organizations around the world.

2Mozi, whose ________ (believe) were in some ways similar to those of Confucius, spent many years trying to find a state where people would follow his teachings.

3Being a volunteer can bring ________ the best in me by helping those in need.

4With so many excellent paintings ________ display, the exhibition has attracted a large number of visitors.

5As we approached the village, we saw new houses ________ (build)

6The ________ (combine) of a balanced diet and regular exercise is the key to enjoying good health.

7The little problems that we meet in our daily life may be ________ (inspire) for great inventions.

8The inner spirit is the only thing on earth ________ can be broken into pieces but can perfectly mend itself with time.

9In life, we are occasionally supported by the people around us, of ________ we are sometimes unaware.

10Television enables us to see things happen almost at the exact moment ________ they are happening.


1This story has been passed ___________ from generation to generation.

2The little light can be used to light ________ a room or send signals to rescue people.

3Her sharp, aggressive tone set ___________ motion the events that led to her downfall.

4There are ___________ (vary) plants in the garden.

5The Siberian Tiger is the largest feline in the world and is known ___________ the king of the forest.

6Some facts came ________ light when we investigated how the accident happened.

7Parents put the books on the bottom shelf so that they were ________ (access) to their kids.

8________ by the forest, the village has beautiful _________which attract many visitors from __________ areas. (surround)

9If separated ________ your group, ask any zoo employee or security guard for immediate assistance.

10Whoever is willing to volunteer in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics ________ welcome to join us.


be determined to, light up, lead to, rather than, at one’s fingertips, be considered as, be on display, come across, bring out, take in

1. Lightning ________ the darkening skies, and within moments the plane was tossed (使摇摆) around.

2. Eating too much salty food ______________ a main factor leading to health problems.

3. The rainforests play an important role in the world's ecosystem because they ______________ heat instead of reflecting it back into the atmosphere.

4. It was when I got back to my apartment that I first ________ my new neighbours.

5. Going online to do research is natural. But all of the choices ______________ can be overwhelming (令人不知所措的) sometimes.

6. Surround yourself with people who love and respect you. Choose to be with the people who _____________ the best in you.

7. Luxury brands will _______________with their latest collections.

8. I __________________win, but my best friend Matthew was playing badly.

9. Many developed nations are now concerned about saving nature _____________developing or destroying it.

10. Eating too much sugar can ___________health problems.


1多亏她的帮助,我才能通过考试。(thanks to)


2我决定打电话,不写信了。(rather than)









I. 用所给词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. As a student in senior high school, the most important task is ________ (study) hard, which determines his future.

2. Amazed at how skillful they were, I was ________ (determine) to be just as good.

3. It is ________ (amaze) that the artist devotes so much time to painting.

4. The bike was a birthday present from my uncle. You can imagine how ________ (excite) I was when I saw it.

5. He made people laugh at a time when they felt ________ (depress), so they could feel more content with their lives.

6. Lost in the mountains for three days, what the three visitors were able to do was ________ (expect) the help of helicopters.

7. All the people there thought the car driver was ________ (blame) for this accident.

8. What I dislike is ________ (get) up too early.

9. The teacher's explanation of the problem was so ________ (confuse) that most of us couldn't understand.

10. As is known to all, travelling is ________ (interest), but we often feel ________ (tire) when we are back from the journey.

II. 完成句子(10分)

1. 体验不同的文化令人感到兴奋。

It is __________________________________ different cultures.

2. 你应该做的是努力把每件事情做好。

What you should do is __________________________________.

3. 他的梦想是为贫困儿童开办一所学校,这一梦想于1991年实现了。

His dream was __________________________________ for the poor children, which was realized in 1991.

4. 听到这个消息,他看上去非常失望。

Hearing the news, __________________________________.

5. 作为一名党员,他觉得他的职责就是全心全意为人民服务。

As a Party member, he feels his duty is __________________________________ heart and soul.


Here we find out more about the influences behind the successes of three very different 1. _________(art). Hofman is a Dutch artist, 2. _________large sculptures are on display all over the world. One way for him to find inspiration is 3. _________ (turn) to his childrens toys. Besides, he gets his ideas from Chinese folk tales        4. _________(pass) down through the generations. 

Chinese composer Tan Dun is famous 5. _________composing music for Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. To listen to Tans music is 6. _________ (experience) a mix of Chinese musical traditions and Western influences. He once said, There 7. _________ (be) no territory in the world of music. 

Yang Liping 8. _________ (know) as the Peacock Princess. The inspiration for her famous dance has come from 9. _________ time she spent in Xishuangbanna. Her dance comes from the 10. _________ (tradition) belief and aims to bring out the Dai women’s beauty. 


假定你是李华,市博物馆将于本周末举行主题为“美丽中国(Amazing China)”的国画展,请你给你的同学Chris写一封邮件邀请她前往参观。内容包括:

1. 画展的时间和地点;

2. 画展活动的内容,如:中国画展示、画作解说、名师现场作画等;

3. 画展的意义。


1. 写作词数应为80左右;  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Chris,




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